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Strabismus in Philadelphia, PA

Strabismus treatment is offered by Ophthalmic Partners for patients in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Cherry Hill, New Jersey; and the surrounding communities.

What is strabismus?

Strabismus is an eye condition in which the eyes look at different points. The condition is also known as crossed-eyes, walleye or squint.

What causes strabismus?

Strabismus typically begins in early childhood. The muscles of the eyes are designed to work together to control both eyes. The muscles fail to coordinate properly in children with strabismus. The exact cause of strabismus is unknown, but the condition appears to be inherited.

What are the risk factors for strabismus?

A family medical history of strabismus may increase your child’s likelihood of having the condition.

How can strabismus be prevented?

Because strabismus is believed to be inherited, there are no preventative measures for the condition.

How is strabismus diagnosed?

The first step toward a proper diagnosis is monitoring your child for symptoms of strabismus. The most visible indication of strabismus is that the eyes do not point in the same direction. Other indications include eyes that do not move in a coordinated manner, squinting or closing one eye in bright light and tilting of the head to see an object. Strabismus affects depth perception, so your child may bump into objects frequently.

For the first three to four months of life, newborn may have misaligned eyes. This is normal. If you are concerned about your newborns vision or other eye conditions, please feel free to call our office. We are happy to answer any of your questions.

If your child exhibits any of these symptoms, call our office to schedule an appointment. Your eye doctor examines your child’s eyes to determine if the eyes are moving together properly.

How is strabismus treated?

There are several treatment options for strabismus. Eyeglasses may correct minor cases of strabismus. Wearing an eye patch may help strengthen the weaker eye, and improve the coordination of movement. Certain medications and eye exercises have also proven effective in treating strabismus. More advanced cases, though, may require surgery on the muscles of the eyes.

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