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LIPIFLOW® in Philadelphia, PA

LIPIFLOW® is performed by Ophthalmic Partners for many types of vision problems experienced by patients in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Cherry Hill, New Jersey; and the surrounding communities.

What is LIPIFLOW®?

LIPIFLOW® is a treatment for dry eye that helps support your body’s natural production of critical oils that lubricate your eyes. Without these oils, your tears evaporate, and your eyes become dry. Clinical trials have proven that LIPIFLOW® is an effective treatment option for most patients who suffer from chronic dry eye, with an improvement in natural eye lubrication within four weeks.

How does LIPIFLOW® work to improve dry eye?

Dry eye is typically caused by blocked glands in the eye. When these oil glands are blocked, the eye does not receive proper lubrication, and the result is dry eyes. LIPIFLOW® uses advanced technology to stimulate your body’s production of critical oils that help you maintain moist, healthy eyes.

Is LIPIFLOW® right for me?

LIPIFLOW® has been proven effective for patients who suffer from chronic dry eye conditions. LIPIFLOW® is not recommended for patients who have undergone ocular surgery, experienced and ocular injury or been diagnosed with ocular herpes in the past three months. Your eye doctor may not recommend LIPIFLOW® if you have history of eye infections or eye abnormalities. For the most effective treatment outcome, the LIPIFLOW® device must fit properly on your eyes; therefore, if you have small eyes, LIPIFLOW® may not be right for you.

What happens during the LIPIFLOW® procedure?

A special device is attached to your eye. The device applies a mild level of heat to your eye while gently applying a small amount of pressure. The combination of heat and pressure unblocks the oil glands. With the right level of oils, your tears do not evaporate, and your eyes are lubricated naturally.


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